Who sells urgent care center businesses in Montana?

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MONTANA URGENT CARE CENTER owners count on KKBA when it comes time to sell their business/practice. Our Medical Sales Group works hand-in-hand with owners to maximize there equity.

In Business, Timing is Everything!

We are in a “Seller’s Market” for medical related businesses. We are seeing sale prices holding very strong right now and commercial lenders look very favorably on these types of businesses over many others.  Lenders supporting the industry like this make it less likely that owners will have to finance the sale of their own businesses.

Selling MONTANA urgent care center not a DIY

Even though it seems like the market is perfectly aligned for sellers, it is very risky to try to sell your urgent care center business/practice yourself. Savvy Urgent Care Center buyers hire industry consultants and MBA’s to work on there deals. Don’t enter into negotiations with a buyer alone if you have never sold businesses before. If you do you will surely be at a disadvantage from the start. If you don’t know what makes these folks tick, how they are incentivized and what metrics they are judged by, you will certainly leave money on the table.

Be Decisive – Be Smart, Too!

Too many business sellers are overpaying to sell their business.  A recent survey conducted by Business Brokerage Press indicated that many of the brokers across the country are now requiring sellers pay hefty up-front fees to list their business and some are even charging ongoing monthly fees for as long as your business is on the market. On top of that, some of these brokers are using listing agreements that are not cancellable which in turn guarantee you pay their fee if you decide to take your business off the market for any reason.

At KKBA, we work exclusively on a performance basis. We do not charge any up-front fees or monthly fees. Our agreements are cancellable and, if we are not successful in selling your business – YOU PAY US NOTHING!

We have a 1–% success rate selling medical related businesses. After 12 years and over 200 transactions completed we have never failed to sell any medical business we had listed. Considering the fact that general business brokers only sell 20%-30% of the businesses they list our success rate is extraordinary.

MONTANA Urgent Care Center Success rate

100% Success Rate

So, if you are ready to take advantage of the golden opportunity in the market today to sell your Urgent Care Center you should really consider using KKBA to get the job done. We will get you more money, in a shorter period of time, under the best terms for you.

For more information please call us at (888) 565-6468 to learn more about our program and how e can help you to reach your entrepreneurial dreams.

NOTE: since you have read this far you deserve to be rewarded. Mention that you saw this offer on our website and we will issue you a $1,500 credit towards your brokerage fee, (good only when applied to your brokerage fee at settlement) the minute you list your Urgent Care Center with us.