Durable Medical Equipment

Business Brokerage Services for Durable Medical Equipment Companies

After ten years in business, and hundreds of transactions, we have an unprecedented 100% success rate selling DME companies and independent community pharmacies.

Perhaps it’s nearly time for the freedom of retirement. Maybe you’ve found it difficult to run your business the way you want to since the signing of the Affordable Care Act. No matter the motivation for selling your durable medical equipment business, there are several factors at play that make now a great time to do so.

  • It’s a seller’s market. Sale prices for DME businesses are at a 10-year high.
  • Unlike other small businesses, many DME businesses are financeable.
  • Depending on the circumstances, some exciting tax-minimization opportunities exist for DME business sellers.

Even with a perfectly aligned seller’s market, it’s risky to sell your DME business alone. Many buyers, like large companies and national chains, hire top-notch business and finance experts to staff their acquisition/business development groups. Trying to negotiate a deal on your own with them can be a difficult undertaking.

Why Choose King & King Business Advisors for Help?

Our objectives are aligned with yours. We want you to get the best possible price for your business, in the shortest period of time, under the best possible terms and conditions.

What does King & King bring to the table?

Proven Track Record

We have sold every DME business we have listed since we started in 2005, earning a 100% success rate. We protect our track record by carefully assessing each opportunity. If we take an engagement it’s because we are convinced that there is a strong likelihood we can get the contemplated transaction completed.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our experience selling DME businesses has given us invaluable insight into the industry, the metrics, the value drivers, and the buyers. This experience has helped us to develop a storehouse of solutions to many of the unique challenges that arise for DME businesses, and we have a proven process to get a transaction completed.

Service and Smarts

Our process starts with a written confidential business review that summarizes your business’s most important features, such as history, operations, competition and recast financial information. Then, working closely with your in-house financial group and outside financial advisors, we develop a pricing strategy that gives you the best possible opportunity to maximize your equity in the business. We handle all of the legwork involved with the sale of the business, from qualifying buyers, to negotiating the price, terms, and structure of the deal.

Plus, being business brokers and commercial realtors, we make sure the real estate side of your transaction goes as smoothly as the business sale side.

Proprietary Tools and Resources

The relationships we have developed over the years with private equity groups and regional and nationwide competitors, along with our proprietary database of individual buyers, strategic buyers, and corporate buyers allows us to reach out across a wide spectrum to get the highest sale price, under the best terms, in the shortest period of time.

King & King is here to help you get the best price for your business. Please contact us today to learn more.

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