Medical Sales Group

You’ve built your business from the ground up offering your clients honesty, thoroughness, exceptional customer service, and care. It’s no surprise that in considering working with a broker to help you sell your business, you look for those same qualities.

King and King Business Advisors’ Medical Industry Sales Group, a trusted partner for selling your business, has a record of reliability, attention-to-detail, integrity, and success. We understand that selling a business can be a very complicated process and King and King Business Advisors will tend your sale carefully, following our proven “Ten-Step Business Marketing Process.” By screening potential buyers, helping you set expectations, keeping up with current pricing and trends, and gently guiding you along the way by providing resources and information, we can help make selling your business a smooth and rewarding experience.

Currently, it is a seller’s market for the medical services industry which means that nearly all of the sellers we have worked with recently have sold their businesses to buyers already in our database – before we have even advertised the sale.

In the last decade, our track record for successful sales of businesses such as pharmacies, durable medical supplies, and home infusion care providers, is 100%. We have worked with sellers who had tried to do it themselves, and we were able to get their businesses sold more quickly, for more money, with much better terms.