Brokerage Group Mission Statement

Our primary goal

is to build America’s first ” fully-integrated BusinessOwnership/M&A” services firm. Modeled after RE/MAX, America’s largest and most successful multi-faceted real estate services firm, we believe the key to our success is our bright hardworking professional Business and Franchise Brokers, Business Consultantds, and Commercial Real Estate Professionals. Their local expertise and KKBA’s full array of “BusinessOwnership/M&A” services along with being part of our countries largest Franchise Network and the world’s most successful Real Estate company creates an environment of convenience and competence making the business buying and selling experience much easier and making KKBA brokers more valuable to their clients.

One must understand the nature of the business brokerage industry to get a complete understanding why KKBA’s approach to the business is so unique.  Most of America’s 3,000 +  business brokers are independent operators that work from their homes. Though there are 18-20 states that regulate business brokerage activities, for the most part, business brokering is an unregulated business function.  With little to no barriers to entry and very little investment required, business brokering attracts a great deal of people seeking quick and easy money. Many of these people do not have the business experience and expertise necessary to be successful long term in the business. Attrition rates are high and customer satisfaction levels suffer greatly from the wreckage these people leave in their paths.  KKBA’s “All-In-One-Place,” fully integrated approach, brings together many of the integral players involved in a business transaction to make it easier for our clients to get a transaction to completion.  Over time this infrastructure will make it more difficult for one, two, or three person operations to compete with KKBA. Additionally, KKBA will retain more brokers as the cost to entry to pull together a similar infrastructure will be prohibitive for most.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, KKBA has formed an “added value” division within the company named Transaction Trust Services (“TTS”). TTS was launched in November of 2006 and to date TTS facilitates over 50% of all of the business settlements for our brokers. When a client makes an offer on a KKBA listed business they receive in depth information on the value that TTS brings to the transaction and the level of safety and security that is afforded them by virtue of this “added value” service. In the future TTS will market this service to other brokers both inside and outside KKBA’s affiliate group.

In the near future KKBA will be establishing joint ventures with other high quality companies to market some/all of the following ancillary services to our clients under the KKBA “Business Services Connection” banner; Acquisition Financing/Commercial Lending, Business Insurance, Equipment & Property Inspections, Business Valuation, etc.  These products and services will give our brokers and our affiliates the tools necessary to provide a level of service second to none in their respective markets and fulfill our mission.