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Are you looking to sell your DME, Durable Medical Equipment, business in Iowa?

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For over 12 years now we have been selling businesses all across the country.  We specialize in selling medical related businesses, primarily DME businesses and Independent Pharmacies.

If selling your Iowa DME has crossed your mind – you need to give us a chance to present our stellar credentials.  We eat, sleep, and breathe, DME sales.  We would love to sell your DME for you when the time comes.

Let’s Talk About Timing

In case no-one has told you – NEWSFLASH: We are in a Seller’s Market (an economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high) like we have never seen before for DME businesses.  Profitable or not, big or small, leased or owned location, in business for 1 year or one hundred – we can sell your DME for you.  And, get you the highest price, in the shortest period of time and under the best terms.  We don’t take making this claim lightly as our entire reputation might rest on it.

KKBA Seller Market demands.

Who knows how long this Seller’s Market will last?

KKBA’s Medical Sales Group will make sure your DME is marketed to the largest group of active buyers in the market today.  No other firm works with these buyers as much as we do.  We can get your DME in front of the movers and shakers out there who are buying DME’s day in and day out all across America.

We have a huge database of buyers waiting for the right DME to come on the market.

If we have made it sound easy up to this point, don’t be fooled.  Selling a DME is serious business with a lot of issues that have to be addressed at every turn.  On top of that, the buyers quite frequently have hired guns working for them-MBA’s who’s sole purpose in life is to negotiate the very best deal they can for their bosses with little to NO REGARD for what might be good for YOU the SELLER.  This is where we earn our keep.  We are there for you through the entire process.  We know how these folks think, we know their value drivers, and we know the metrics their bosses use to judge their performance.  Armed with all this we set our to out negotiate them at that own game to get you the best deal possible.

We have a Winning Track Record

DME 100% success

DME sales at 100%

KKBA has an unprecedented 100% success rate selling DME companies.  Our success rate is no accident.  Unmatched performance like this over a 12 year period of time comes from being dedicated and committed to seeing every listing end up at a settlement table with a happy buyer on one side and our happy seller on the other.

  • You deserve the BEST!  |  This is likely the biggest business transaction you will do in your lifetime.

The 800 Pound “Gorilla in the Room”

A recent industry survey uncovered the fact that many of the brokers across the country have raised their rates to 12%, some even as high as 15%, or more.  If this wasn’t bad enough, many are charging significant upfront fees and some, ongoing monthly fees.  KKBA is without a doubt the very best value for your dollar.

If you are ready to sell your DME business contact or call (888-565-6468) the professional business brokers at KKBA!

A note about DME licensing provided by our friends at LicenseLogix:

DME suppliers are governed by stringent federal and state laws, particularly those that participate in the Medicare/Medicaid program. Initially, if a license is determined to be required, a DME company must obtain an “in-state” or a “resident” license. This generally requires an extensive application, varying fees, proof of insurance, and an inspection, which is usually scheduled upon approval of the application. If the company wishes to expand into another state, it must obtain an “out-of-state” or a “non-resident” license in that state. This process is more of the same, but also may require verification that the business currently holds a resident license (or proof that a license is not required) in the home state.