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KKBA centered like Kansas

We proudly serve the center of USA’s universe-Kansas.

Some states have to grab at straws to find some significant fact that makes them special, unique.  Not you folks in Kansas!  Being the geodetic center of the United States certainly makes Kansas special and unique and in a class of its own.  It’s funny how being one-of-a-kind makes one feel…

At KKBA we are “one-of-a-kind” in that we have a 100% success rate selling DME businesses all over America.

Our Track Record

DME 100% success

DME sales at 100%

A proven track record of hundreds of transactions makes KKBA “one-of-a-kind” and truly the DME owners best friend.  We work with DME sellers all across the country to help them to realize the most from the sale of their businesses.

Getting you the best deal is part Art and part Science.

Over the years we have fine-tuned a sales process that allows us to be able to assure you that nobody can sell your DME better than us.  We’ll sell it quicker, we’ll sell it for more money and, we’ll get you the very best of terms.  That’s how you get, and keep, a 100% success rate in our business.

Thinking of selling, look no further! You are already at the right place.


Wanna know whats going on in the market?

Woot! Woot!  We are experiencing a Seller’s Market (an economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high).  In the last year or so we have seen a well defined increase in buyer interest as it relates to DME businesses.  At the same time listings/supply is down.  Result – Sellers are getting better prices for their businesses.  For all of the baby-boomers that have been waiting to sell their family businesses – there is no time like the present to pull the trigger on your exit strategy.

In a seller’s market, a seller often can sell goods and/or services at a higher cost. Simply put, a seller’s market means that a lot of buyers are competing for the businesses that are available, and they are therefore more likely to pay more money for their businesses .  This can translate into big profits for sellers.

It is the perfect time to sell your DME business and here’s why:

  • It’s a seller’s market. The sale prices for DME businesses are at a 10 year high!
  • Capital is available for DME business purchases.
  • There are tax minimization opportunities now for DME business sellers that didn’t exist prior to the Tax Act of 2017.  If your business is incorporated, the reduction in the corporate tax rate could mean hundreds of thousand of dollars in tax savings today that were not possible prior to passage of the act.

    DME Sellers Prosper Now

    The perfect storm for DME Sellers.

If you are ready to sell a business contact Jim King or Phil Blum or call (888-565-6468) the professional business brokers at KKBA!

Licensing note:

The State of Kansas Board of Pharmacy is charged with licensing/registering DME’s (sellers of home medical equipment and supplies).  Individuals with any questions regarding licensing should visit the State of Kansas Board of Pharmacy website for registration and to obtain the appropriate registration form.