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Timing is everything:

When talking about selling a business the phrase Timing is everything speaks volumes.  I am sure you have heard another old adage that goes like this Buy Low Sell High.  Both of these have a very significant meaning for DME owners because of the current market for DME business sales.

KKBA DME's timing the sale

We are in a Seller’s Market.

We are experiencing a Seller’s Market.  It started in the later part of 2016 and gained momentum in 2017.  So far, 2018 has started strong with buyers appetites not yet quenched.  There are not enough DME’s on the market to satisfy the number of buyers who are actively seeking to acquire a DME business.  There is capital available but nobody knows if the interest rates are going to go up.

Yes, it’s the perfect storm for a DME seller.  With inventories low there is less competition with other sellers for the buyers.  As demand increases prices tend to get stronger.  This doesn’t occur very often but when it does it can be a boom for folks who are ready to sell their DME businesses.

Notice to all BabyBoomers:

There is no way of knowing how long this Seller’s Market will last.  However, since it is so rare, one might suppose that another one might not happen for a long time.  Now is the perfect time to sell while the market is being kind to DME sellers.  Remember the phrase Buy Low, Sell High?  If you think you can hold out until the next Sellers Market and sell at the top – you will more than likely end up seriously regretting that decision.

Hitch your wagon to a star.

We have an enviable track record of success.  After over 12 years, and hundreds of transactions, we have maintained a 100% success rate selling DME businesses.   It doesn’t matter if your business is a small retail store in a small town or a multi-million dollar supplies and equipment rental operation in a major city, we can sell it for you.  Our Medical Sales Group has sold DME’s with less than one year in business and DME’s that had fallen on hard times and were not profitable anymore.

Our DME numbers speak

KKBA has a proven track record.

If we’re not successful selling your business,


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