Selling a DME business in Rhode Island

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If you arrived at this page because you were searching for information on valuing and selling a DME business in Rhode Island – search no more!

We totally understand the phrase good things come in small packages.  We are by most measurements a small company, but we have a big story to tell.  We have created a nationwide practice that specializes in selling DME businesses from coast to coast.

R I DME Owners

We serve Rhode Island DME owners.

Is now a good time to sell a DME?

In the ten plus years we have been doing this the market for selling DME’s has not been any better than it is right now.  We are in what is known as a Seller’s Market, inventories of DME’s for sale is low, there are a lot of buyers and there is capital available for the buyers to finance acquisitions.

In a nutshell – It don’t get much better than this if you are ready to sell.

DME Seller Market demands.

Who knows how long this Seller’s Market will last?

If you are in a position where you can sell your DME while we are in this seller’s market you will no doubt do well in the transaction.

1. Sale prices are strong and holding.
2. There is money available in the commercial market for acquisitions which negates the need for seller financing.
3. The Tax Act of 2017 gave us some unexpected tax benefits for sellers.

All this makes for a perfect storm for DME sellers all across the country.

Nobody said it was easy.

This is not a great DIY (do-it-yourself) project.  When selling a business you only get one bite at the apple.  There are no do-overs in business transactions.  Our Medical Sales Group eats, sleeps and dreams, selling DME businesses.  The people out there buying DME businesses are smart sophisticated folks who drive a hard bargain.  Most of the time these buyers are using Lawyers and MBA types and these people don’t rollover none to easy.  This is where we come in, we are there at every turn fighting for your best interests.  Making sure you get the very best deal possible, all things considered.

We have a proven track record.

After having done hundreds of transactions over 10 plus years we can still boast that we have sold every DME listing we ever took on.  That’s right-we have a 100% success rate selling DME’s.  We didn’t do it only taking on the easy cases.  We have sold DME’s that had less than a year in business, we have sold a few that had fallen on hard times and were not profitable the year prior to the sale.  We don’t cherry pick cases to maintain our success rating-we just work harder than most at getting to a successful conclusion. We love to win!

Our DME numbers speak

KKBA has proven track record.

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