Selling a DME business in Utah

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Okay let’s talk!  If you have come to this page you surely must have some interest in valuing or selling a Durable Medical Equipment – DME business.  Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we do.  KKBA is a Nationwide Brokerage firm that has a special Medical Sales Group that eats, sleeps and dreams selling DME’s.

We are a phone call away.

Are we worthy of your consideration?

In a nutshell, YES!  Working with KKBA will really increase your chances of selling your DME business. The brokers in our Medical Sales Group have completed hundreds of transactions over the years without ever having been unable to sell a DME we listed.
We have a 100% success rate selling DME business.

DME 100% success

DME sales at 100%

Nothing to sneeze at.

We didn’t get our 100% success rate by only taking on the easy cases.  We have sold DME businesses that had been open less than a year.  We have sold DME’s that had fallen on hard times and were not profitable prior to the sale.  We don’t run from hard cases, we run to them.  No Sale | No Fee!

The current sale market.

Lucky for you, the DME owner, the market is great.  We are in a Seller’s Market which started sometime in 2016, held throughout 2017, and here we are in 2018 and it is still holding.  It is the perfect time to sell your DME business and here’s why:

  • Prices for DME businesses are at a 10 year high!
  • There is capital available to finance sales taking off the pressure for owners to finance deals.
  • The Tax Act of 2017 created some welcome and needed tax minimization opportunities for business sellers.
DME Seller Market demands.

Who knows how long this Seller’s Market will last?

Notwithstanding a perfectly aligned seller’s market, it’s risky to sell your DME business alone. Many buyers hire top-notch business and finance experts to staff their acquisition/business development groups. Don’t go into negotiations alone, let KKBA get the best possible price for your business in the shortest period of time, under the best possible terms and conditions. It is our goal to make the sale of your business run smoothly.

Beware business Owners – don’t overpay.

According to the findings of a recent 2017 survey of the brokerage industry many of the brokers surveyed indicated that they had raised their fees 12%, some even as high as 15% or more.  Add to that the fact that some even indicate that they have instituted a new paradigm with upfront fees and monthly advertising fees.  At KKBA you get real value for the investment in our service.  We take all the risk and if we are not successful in selling your business – YOU PAY US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

If you are ready to seriously consider selling contact us via E-Mail or call (888-565-6468) the DME professionals at KKBA