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We cover Maryland like a tartan.

Has the time come for you to consider selling your DME business in the Great State of Maryland?

Can we assume that you’d like to get the most money you can, in the shortest period of time under the best terms?

We are Maryland born and bred.

Look no further.  Maryland is home to the most successful Nationwide DME Brokerage in the country, KKBA.  We cut our teeth in the industry selling DME’s here at home and then branched out to all four corners of the country.  When we started selling DME’s, and we got good at it right quick, our buyers were asking us to help them find DME’s in other areas of the country.  When we started looking for other DME listings we learned that most brokers have never listed, much less sold a DME, and in many cases didn’t even know what we were talking about when we asked them if they had any DME’s for sale.

KKBA in news

KKBA in the News. Click on Image to watch Video News Clip.

Having successfully completed hundreds of transactions over the years we have come to the point where we have developed an unmatched level of knowledge and experience dealing with DME sales.  Our track record selling DME businesses speaks for itself.

We fight very hard for our Sellers

Even though we are enjoying a seller’s market right now, selling a DME business is difficult and time consuming.  There are a lot of moving parts to be put together to get a transaction to the settlement table.

The folks out there who are buying DME businesses are not the same folks that buy gas stations and beauty salons.  DME buyers are typically more knowledgable and sophisticated.  Quite frequently they have Attorneys and MBA’s on staff to negotiate the deals for for them.  These Attorneys and MBA’s are professional negotiators that do this every day.

Have no fear, let not your heart be troubled!  We know what makes these people tick, we know what they are looking for, we know how they think and we know the value drivers we can leverage in your favor.  Believe it or not, we have done this so often that it is actually entertaining for us to grapple with these folks.

Our track record speaks volumes

Over the years we have never failed to sell a DME listing.  A 100% success rate selling any kind of business is unheard of, to say the least.  It is the perfect time to sell your DME.

Our numbers speak

KKBA has a proven track record.

Nobody knows how long this seller’s market will last?  Nobody can predict the future.  That having been said, past performance is a good indicator of future performance.

We cannot guarantee you that we will sell your DME.  However, we will not go down without one heck of a fight to get the deal done for you and keep our 100% success rate.

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If you are ready to sell your DME business contact or call (888-565-6468) the professional business brokers at KKBA!

If you want to learn more about Marylands law, rules & regulations regarding DME business please visit their website at Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.