Selling a DME business in Minnesota

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Come here to learn more about selling a Durable Medical Equipment, DME, business? If so, you’ve come to the right place, dontcha know!

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KKBA loves selling Minnesota DME’s.

KKBA is a business brokerage firm that has a special nationwide practice selling DME businesses.  Lead by Mr. Phil Blum, the Director of our Medical Sale Group, the brokers at KKBA work closely with you to determine the value of your DME business, lay out a marketing plan to reach the most buyers, handle all the negotiations and close the deal.  You are kept informed, and in the loop, the entire time.  Nothing happens without your approval.

And, if we are not successful in selling your business, YOU PAY US NOTHING!

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Past performance is a valuable indicator of future performance.

A proven track record of hundreds of transactions makes KKBA your best choice when it comes to selling your DME business.

One Hundred Percent DME Club

KKBA-10 years of sales of DME businesses with 100% success rate.

Though we cannot guarantee a sale, we will leave no stone unturned searching for the right buyer for your business.  Once we have the right buyer the really hard work starts.  When all is said and done our major goal is to get you the most money in the shortest period of time under the very best of terms.  This isn’t as easy as it might sound.  DME buyers are smart, educated, shrewd business people.  Many of them have Attorneys and MBA’s on staff to assist them in negotiating these deals.  These folks are professional negotiators and they strive to get the very best deal they can for the buyer.  This is where we earn our money.  We know what makes these people tick, we speak their language, we know how they think, and we use this knowledge and experience to get you the best deal possible.  Granted, these folks don’t just rollover for us, we don’t always get everything we want but, we never stop fighting for you and your best interests.

And, if we are not successful in selling your business, YOU PAY US NOTHING!

We are currently in a Seller’s Market

In business TIMING is everything.  Timing can work in our favor sometimes and against us at other times.  TIMING the sale of your DME to get you the most money, in the shortest period of time under the very best of terms, would be ideal.  The time is now!  The current Seller’s Market will not last forever.  Once it has run its course there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of DME owners regretting the fact that they had a chance to sell at the top of the market and didn’t.

It is the perfect time to sell your DME business and here’s why:

  • Sale prices for DME businesses are at a 10 year high!
  • The buyers have access to capital to make acquisitions.
  • The Tax Act of 2017 contains tax minimization opportunities for DME business sellers that did not exist prior to it’s passage.

If you are ready to sell your DME business contact or call (888-565-6468) the professional DME business brokers at KKBA!

REWARD:  Since you have been so patient and thorough by reading all the way down to this point we will reward you.  Mention this page and ask for your reward when you list your business with us and we will issue you a $1,500 credit to be used towards your brokerage fee once we get your business sold.  This credit is only good towards the success fee.