Selling a Landscaping business in Rhode Island

Since you have invested your time to search the internet to learn more about selling a Landscaping Business in Rhode Island we will not waste a minute of your time with marketing hype and dribble. 

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We are KKBA Nationwide Business Advisors, we work with owners of Landscaping Businesses in Rhode Island and all over the country to help them sell their businesses. We can sell your Landscaping Business in Rhode Island if you are truly ready to sell. 

And, if you choose to work with us and our, Partner Covenant Tax Reduction Strategies, there is a “more than likely” chance you will be able to eliminate some, if not all, of your long-term capital gains and reduce your short-term capital gains by 50-80%. YOU will net more from the sale of your business having us represent you than you would if you used another firm and sold for the same price.

We appreciate the time and energy you have put into building your company and we will give selling your business our utmost professional attention. For many business owners their business is like a baby to them that they have birthed, nurtured, grown and loved over several years. We appreciate the fact that you’ve invested so much money and time in your business therefore, we will leave no stone unturned to get you the best price in the shortest period under the best terms attainable.

Most Landscaping Businesses have a significant amount of money invested in inventory, equipment and road stock and when the time comes to sell their businesses, they might end up with a significant level of tax liability from the sale. We work closely with our sellers to help them reduce the tax liabilities associated with a sale by teaming up with legal and tax advisors, Covenant Tax Reduction Strategies, LLC who can help them devise a deal structure and tax plans that will reduce, if not eliminate some, or all, of the taxes associated with selling a business and receiving a short-term or long-term capital gain.

For more information about our Partner Covenant and business sale tax reduction strategies click here.

What are buyers looking for?

One of the most important things Landscaping Business sellers should try to grasp an understanding of is, what the potential buyer of your business really wants. In a nutshell, todays Landscaping Business buyers are laser focused on the amount and quality of your recurring cash flow and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, owners benefits and discretionary expenses (EBITDA+OD). Cash flow that is consistent and collectable and worth paying for.

A very wise old Business Broker once told me “Equipment is important but, its only purpose in life is to generate cash flow.” Nobody goes into the Landscaping Business because they like buying and acquiring power tools, mowers, trucks, trailers and machinery. It’s all about earnings/ cash flow.

So, wondering what your business might sell for?

Your business is unique and different from every other Landscaping company in America. Yes, there are some similarities between businesses, but every business has its owners’ fingerprint all over it. The range of services you offer might well be similar, but your delivery and execution make your company unique.

There are some Business Brokers and Valuators who will tell you that there are “rules of thumb” that apply to valuing your business, but we don’t necessarily believe in those “rules of thumb,” unless of course you are valuing thumbs.

Determining what your business is worth on paper does not tell you what it will sell for.  Your business, any business for that matter, is worth what someone else will pay for it. 

What does it cost to hire KKBA?

First things first, a Business Broker who is experienced at selling your type of business should be confident enough in his/her ability to bring your business sale to a close that he/she will work for you on a contingency basis tied to him/her getting the business sale closed. Some Business Brokers require you pay them an upfront retainer that can be as low as $5,000 and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars. Some will agree to a payment plan for the retainer. However, unless they agree to return your retainer if they are not successful in selling your business, you could waste a significant amount of valuable time with them and have nothing to show for it other than cancelled checks for the retainer you paid them. Additionally, some brokers require you commit to them exclusively for at least a year. Any day you decide not to sell or you are not happy with our service, you can end our arrangement and move on with no penalty.

Our performance based contingency fees is set by a backwards sliding scale which starts at 10% (minimum fee $15,000) for businesses that sell for $150,000 or less and goes down accordingly based on the asking price/most probable sale price of the business. Unlike many Business Brokers we never charge a fee for the part of your sale price that is compensation for inventory or for continued support after the sale.

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