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Have you come here looking for information on valuing or selling your Georgia pharmacy?  If so, look no further.  KKBA has become expert in valuing and selling Georgia pharmacy businesses. Whether you are located in North, Central, or South Georgia we can help you sell your Georgia pharmacy for more.

Working with KKBA will increase your chances of selling your Georgia pharmacy business.  We help you realize your entrepreneurial dream of selling your Georgia pharmacy business.  King & King utilizes a proven business selling process and a dedicated team to ensure a sale is completed efficiently and successfully.

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The Process – It’s Simple

We have mastered the pharmacy sales process. We present your pharmacy to buyers in the most effective way to stir up the most interest. Our stable of buyers and our process gets pharmacies sold quicker and for more money.


Don’t overpay to sell a pharmacy in Georgia.

A recent survey by BBP uncovered the fact that many brokers are now charging as much as 12% brokerage fees. Some admit to as much as 15%. Furthermore, some respondents admitted they are charging upfront fees and monthly advertising fees.  KKBA has not raised its rates in years. Consequently, our fees are all based on performance. Hence, if we are not able to sell your Georgia pharmacy, you pay nothing!


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To talk about selling your Georgia pharmacy contact or call (888-565-6468) the professional business brokers at KKBA!