Selling a Pharmacy in Idaho

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Did you arrive at this page by searching for information about selling your Idaho pharmacy or valuing a pharmacy for sale.  If so, we are glad you are here and we have some very valuable information for you.

We are KKBA, Nationwide Pharmacy Sales Specialists. We believe that we have done enough of these sales to call ourselves the authority on selling pharmacy businesses.  We came to that conclusion when we realized that after over 200 transactions in 12 years we have never failed to sell a pharmacy that we listed.

Our Medical Sales Group

At KKBA we have a team of brokers who are dedicated to selling independent pharmacies. These brokers eat, sleep, and dream of selling pharmacies. Lead by our Director, Mr. Phil Blum, the team has successfully sold all kinds of pharmacies all over the country. It doesn’t matter if your pharmacy is a closed door pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy, a virtual (web-based) pharmacy, or a combination retail pharmacy with compounding, or a retail pharmacy that also sells durable medical equipment and supplies, we have sold almost every pharmacy business configuration you can imagine.

No Allegiance to the National Chains

Over the years we have sold many pharmacies that were purchased by large regional and national chains but our allegiance is to YOU, the Seller, and our objective from the minute we start working for you is to get you the best deal.

Pharmacy Sales Prices

Since sometime early win in 2016 we have been in a Seller’s Market. It held throughout 2017 with strong sales and seems to have carried on into 2018. Nobody knows how long it will last. We want to make sure we have reached out to every independent pharmnacy owner in the country to let them know how great the timing would be to sell their pharmacy while the seller’s market prevails.

If you are a Baby-boomer pharmacy owner? This could be your one time to sell at the very highest price possible for many years to come.

KKBA pharmacy market.

The time is right for you to sell.

All this having been said thus far one might be of a mind to think that selling a pharmacy is easy, especially in a seller’s market. NOT TRUE!

The road to the settlement table has many curves, forks, and potholes the size of sinkholes that will crater your deal in a heartbeat. Understanding what these obstacles actually are and being ready for them with solutions is what ensures we keep our 100% success rate selling pharmacy businesses.

Selling pharmacy not a DIY

You don’t know, what you don’t know!

Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t try this at home is somewhat “tongue and cheek” but it is appropriate when considering selling your own business. The sale of your pharmacy will likely be your biggest financial transaction ever. You will not get a chance to go back and request a “do over” if you learn later that you could have gotten more money.

When it comes to embarking on a new endeavor one must always keep in mind the old adage “YOU don’t know, what YOU don’t know.”

Pharmacy Buyers are Smart

The folks that we deal with on these pharmacy transactions are typically pretty smart and savvy business people.  They use a lot of attorneys and MBA types to assist them in analyzing businesses and drive always for the best deal they can get.  This is where we come into the picture.  We have YOU and your best interests at heart.  We are in your corner fighting for you all the way.

Are you ready to talk with us so that we can tell you exactly what we do and how we work so that you can make an informed decision whether or not you are ready to move forward?  If so, call us at (888) 565-6468 or use this contact function hyperlink to reach out to us via E-Mail.