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If you are searching for information on valuing or selling your pharmacy in Indiana then you have come to the right place.
We are KKBA the Nationwide Pharmacy Experts when it comes to selling independent pharmacy businesses.
We’re really good at what we do and, if we are not successful in selling your pharmacy, “YOU PAY US NOTHING”


Who sells the most Pharmacy Businesses?

There is no definitive authority in the U.S. that collects and publishes information on who sells the most pharmacies but, if there were such a list or report, we would no doubt be at the top of it.  Add to that the fact that after over 200 transactions in 12 years we have a 100% success rate selling independent pharmacies.  We have never failed to sell every pharmacy we listed.

KKBA 100% pharmacy sales

We have a 100% success rate.

Selling Pharmacy Businesses isn’t easy.

Don’t let our track record of selling 100% of our pharmacy listings fool you into thinking that selling pharmacies is easy.  It’s hard work. The brokers that do this work in our firm are part of the KKBA Medical Sales Group, These folks eat, sleep, and dream, about selling independent pharmacy businesses.

Attention Baby-Boomer Pharmacy Owners

Over the years we have spoken with several baby-boomer owners who wanted to sell but wanted to wait until the timing was right to get the most money for their business.

Well, the “Timing is Right”! In the beginning of 2016 we started seeing indicators of a Seller’s Market for independent pharmacy businesses. That seller’s market took hold and lasted all of 2016, and through 2017.  We are into 2018 now and the market is still giving the advantage to sellers.

In a seller’s market, the seller–because of the scarcity of available acquisition opportunities–is able to obtain better conditions for the sale, or higher prices.

Pharmacy sellers market

Your timing to sell could not be better.

Okay, if you are a typical baby-boomer you could possibly be sitting in your chair reading this and saying to yourself “Wow, this looks like something I could do myself and save some money”- NOT!

Experimenting with your own business sale can turn ugly very quickly. We have heard some very sad horror stories over the years from folks who decided to sell their own business and ended up with a disaster. There is old adage that goes something like this “YOU don’t know, what YOU don’t know!”

Selling pharmacy not a DIY

You don’t know, what you don’t know!

For most small business owners, selling their business is likely to be the biggest financial transaction they will ever go through. On top of that, you have to take into consideration the fact that the folks out there buying independent pharmacies are very smart savvy business people who know how to use lawyers, CPA’s and MBA’s to negotiate these deals on their behalf so that they are assured of getting the best deal possible. If you do not have experience negotiating these deals like we do these folks might well end up with a much better deal than you.

This is not the same as negotiating employment and benefit issues with your employees. This is not the same as negotiating a lease renewal with your landlord. You will not get a second bite at the apple if you miss something in the negotiations that could have increased your price, or decreased your liability, or reduced your tax exposure. In the world of business acquisitions it’s a “One and Done” proposition.

About Brokerage Fees

A recent survey of brokers from all across the country reports that there seems to be a trend among many brokers who have increased their fees to 12% -15% or some even more.  Additionally, some charge up-front fees and monthly advertising fees. This information is good news to us because we have not raised our rates and do not charge up-front fees or monthly fees.  We work strictly, and exclusively, on a performance basis.

KKBA in news

KKBA Medical Sales Group in the news.

If we fail to successfully sell your independent pharmacy “YOU PAY US NOTHING”!

A note about licensing: Pharmacy businesses are highly regulated in every state.  The sale of a pharmacy might require the purchaser to obtain a new license or to work with seller to transfer a license. Whatever the case may be, in Indiana the governmental authority with responsibility for overseeing the affairs of pharmacy operators is the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy.


We would love to chat with you about your pharmacy.  You can call us direct at (888) 565-6468. Or, you can reach out to us through the contact page on our website for more information on selling your pharmacy.

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