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Are you searching for-information on selling a pharmacy?  If so, you have certainly come to the right place.

KKBA, based in Montgomery County, Maryland, is a national leader in the sales of independent pharmacy businesses. In the 12+ years we have been in business we have sold hundreds of business and maintain a 100% success rate selling independent pharmacy businesses.

Sell Your Independent Pharmacy with our Brokerage Services for Pharmacies

A proven track record of hundreds of transactions makes KKBA your best choice when it comes to selling your independent pharmacy. We have perfected a Six Step Process which will help you to drill down in a logical way to what needs to be done to sell your pharmacy business.  Of course, the end result is to get the business sold for the most money, in the shortest period time and under the best terms possible.

If we fail to successfully sell your pharmacy YOU PAY US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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Our Biggest Competitor…

Maybe because our industry is very small, and not many people even know that we exist, many pharmacy business owners will try to sell their pharmacies themselves. That’s right, YOU are our biggest competitor. So, before you spend one iota of your time considering taking that route there are some things you need to acknowledge and understand before going down that road.

1. You know the ins and outs of your specific pharmacy better than anyone else. And, because of that, you are the last person in the world who can be totally objective about valuing your pharmacy much less, acknowledge the fact that your business might have a pimple, or two, in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

2. My dear old departed Dad (may he R.I.P.) used to tell me all the time “YOU DON’T KNOW, WHATCHA DON’T KNOW.” He was one hundred percent right, That’s why we eat, sleep and breathe everything about selling businesses, specifically pharmacy businesses.  It’s what we have decided to do with our professional lives so we keep a vigilant watch on everything and anything having to do with selling businesses, the pharmacy industry, financing, and improving our negotiation skills.

3. Pharmacy buyers are very smart savvy business people who will most often hire, or keep on retainer, a gaggle of consultants who provide them with legal, accounting and business advice when negotiating a deal to buy a pharmacy. These folks are not pushovers and getting them to come around to terms and conditions that are as good for you as they are for them, can be very challenging. We know how they think, we know what drives them, and we are not intimidated by them.

4. Last, buy certainly not least, we know and understand that our value to you hinges on you netting more money in the end, or getting better terms and conditions than you would had you not used our services, or both.


If you are ready to buy or sell a business contact or call (888-KNK MGMT) the professional business brokers at KKBA!

A precautionary note about Pharmacy licensing provided by our friends at LicenseLogix
The Pharmacy industry is regulated by both federal and state law. Every state in the country requires pharmacies to be properly licensed before they can legally operate within its borders. The type of pharmacy license required depends specifically on the activity being conducted. License types include, but are not limited to, pharmacy manufacturer license, pharmacy wholesaler license, pharmacy importer/exporter license, pharmacy re-packer license, and pharmacy retailer license. Pharmacy employees are regulated as well, requiring licenses to act as a pharmacy technician, a registered pharmacist, and an intern pharmacist.

For state specific information about licensing, rules & regulations regarding operating a pharmacy you should consult the Maryland Board of Pharmacy website.