Selling a Pharmacy business in Alaska

King & King Business Advisors (“KKBA”) helps business owners to realize their dream of one day selling a pharmacy business they built with blood, sweat, and tears. For over a decade KKBA has been selling pharmacy businesses all over the country.

We have a 100% success ratio selling pharmacy businesses. How do we do this? What’s our secret? The secret to our success is that we doggedly pursue a buyer for you that will pay you the most money, in the shortest period of time, under the very best terms for you.

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Let’s have a little “Jeff Foxworthy fun, you might be an Alaskan if…
You have ever been asked if you use Canadian/Russian currency.
You have ever been asked if you live in an igloo.
Power outages don’t seem to bother you.
You laugh at people who wear coats when the temperature drops to 50°F.
You refer to Lower-48ers as foreigners.
You know what a Lower-48er is.
Spam/pilot bread/tang are part of your regular diet.
You cannot imagine life without duct tape.
It takes only a 15-minute drive to “get away from it all”.
The town you live in is “away from it all”.

Selling a Pharmacy Alaska

Cities served:

Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, College, Sitka, Ketchikan, Knik, Kenai, Lakes, Kodiak, and many more.

Need more information about pharmacy licensing in Alaska. Visit the Alaska Board of pharmacy by clicking here.

Still need more information? Why not visit the website of the Alaska Pharmacists Association to learn even more and catch up on whats going on in the industry?

Selling a Pharmacy in Alaska

We salute the APA for all the work they do for all the pharmacy owners in Alaska. Join now!