Selling an existing franchise in Alabama

Franchise Resale Pros | KKBA | Alabama

KKBA is a nationwide leader in the resale of franchise businesses. We have helped folks in nearly every state to sell their franchise businesses. We can help you no matter what kind of franchise business you have.

Own a food franchise? – We can sell it or you.
Own a service franchise? – We can sell it for you.
Own a automotive related franchise? – We can sell it for you.
Own a B2B franchise? – We can sell it for you.

No matter what kind of business you own – we can sell it for more money, faster, and under the best terms.

If we can’t sell your franchise business you pay us nothing!

We work strictly on an exclusive performance basis. Our motivation and our compensation is centered around getting you to the settlement table and on to your next entrepreneurial adventure.

You, and you alone, get to pick who represents you!

It is up to you who you hire to sell your business. It’s not up to the consultant who sold you the opportunity, it’s not up to your franchisor – it’s up to you! That having been said, it would be insane to chose a broker just on the precept that he/she is physically located in your geographic area. The internet opened up the world to all of us and potential buyers for your business can, and do, come from all four corners of the planet.

We work with buyers and sellers from all over the country. After 12 years brokering franchise resales we know that assuming the buyer for your business is going to come from the limited geographic area where you are is crazy.

Don’t overpay to sell your business.

A recent survey conducted by the folks at Business Brokerage Press in 2017 revealed that a large majority of brokers around the country are charging up-front fees when engaged fro a franchise resale. Some are even charging regular monthly fees in addition to their commission. One of the biggest in the country even uses a listing agreement that is not cancellable. If you decide for any reason to take your business off the market you have to pay them a fee based on what they would have earned in commission if they sold the business.

At KKBA we work on a performance basis for a reasonable fee. No Sale- No Fee!

So, are you ready to take the next step? Give us a call at 888-565-6468 and we will walk you through the process we have developed over the years that will get your business sold as soon as possible.