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Before You Hire a Broker to sell an Illinois pharmacy.

Sell a pharmacy in Illinois, please read carefully the information in this infographic.  We perfected this timeline over the years from completing hundreds of deals.  Not to mention, in all those years we never failed to sell each and every pharmacy we listed. And, if we are not successful in selling your pharmacy “YOU PAY US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

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Beware the “high-priced” Broker

A recent survey of business brokers all across the country by Business Brokerage Press uncovers some interesting facts about how some brokers are pricing their services. Furthermore, many of the brokers have raised their rates to 12%, some as high as 15% or more. Additionally, on top of that, they are charging up front fees and some are charging monthly fees for advertising.

At KKBA you get real value for your money without sacrificing quality and service.  We work exclusively on a “performance basis.”  If we are not successful in selling your pharmacy “YOU PAY US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

sell an illinois pharmacy

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A note about licensing:  Pharmacy businesses are highly regulated in every state and as such there are regulations and guidelines governing what must be done to transfer ownership of a pharmacy. The governing body charged with overseeing pharmacy licensing in Illinois is the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s.

sell an illinois pharmacy

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