Who sells Urgent Care Center Businesses in Colorado?


Come to this page searching for information about maybe selling a COLORADO URGENT CARE CENTER?  So, you need not search any more. Our Medical Sales Group works with owners of Colorado Urgent Care Centers all over the state.

Our 100% Track Record

Our track record that is second to none. Compared to any other firm selling medical related businesses, we are head and shoulders above the rest. In all our years we have never failed to sell a medical business we have listed.

At KKBA we are proud of our 100% success rate. Our database of buyers includes individuals, regional chains and national players looking to grow and expand. No matter who the buyer is, we will be in your corner fighting to get you the best deal possible.


KKBA-10 years of medical sales with 100% success rate.

Despite a perfectly aligned seller’s market, it’s risky to try to sell your COLORADO URGENT CARE CENTER yourself. Savvy buyers hire MBA’s to work on these transactions and they can be ruthless to deal with. Don’t enter into negotiations with a buyer alone if you have never sold a businesses before. If you do you will surely be at a disadvantage. Do you know what makes these folks tick? How are they incentivized and what metrics they are judged by? Not knowing some of these facts will certainly cause you to leave money on the table.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.

Our proven track record makes us your best ally to sell your COLORADO URGENT CARE CENTER. Our process starts with a written confidential business review that summarizes your most salient attributes. Even more, we look at history, operations, competition and financial performance. Next, we work with you very closely to come up with a pricing strategy that works for you. Our folks handle all of the preparation, qualifying buyers, and negotiating the price and terms of the deal.

KKBA in news colorado urgent care center broker.

KKBA Medical Sales Group in the news.

At KKBA our value proposition is twofold.

1. Above all, KKBA is a premier brokerage firm with a specialty in selling medical related businesses and professional practices.

2. Furthermore, assume all the risk once we are engaged to represent you. If we can’t find the right buyer, at the right price, under the best terms for you, in the shortest period of time – YOU PAY NOTHING!

Hence, our tried and true, time tested and proven, process ensures that you get the best deal. The professionals in our Medical Sales Group will hold your hand through the entire transaction.

Don’t overpay to sell your center.

A recent brokerage industry study conducted by Business Brokerage Press reported that many brokers across the country are charging upwards of 12% brokerage fees. Some as much as 15%, to sell an urgent care center. Also, many are charging upfront fees and monthly fees. Finally, our program is totally performance based. You pay only on a sale. If we are not successful in selling your Colorado urgent care center – YOU PAY US ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

To obtain more information about our program please call us at 888-565-6468 to speak to one of our medical sales experts.