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Are you looking to sell a pharmacy in California? KKBA will take the hurt and the hassle out of selling your business. We have a team of Business Brokers who sell pharmacy businesses all up and down the east coast. They have years of experience selling these types of businesses and know how to get deals closed.

Selling a California pharmacy.

We have sold pharmacies over the years in California and we like the diverse California pharmacy marketplace. From small ranch towns up north and in the center of the state, to the vibrant areas of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Likewise, then all the way south to the border. We love it all. Consequently, working with us will significantly increase your chances of getting your pharmacy sold.

Ready to sell a pharmacy in California?

Dont. overpay your broker. A recent industry survey indicated that many brokers are charging a minimum 12%. Furthermore, some are charging as much as 15%. Add to that, the fact that some claim to be getting upfront fees and some monthly advertising fees. At KKBA we take all the risk when we are engaged. If we can’t get your pharmacy sold, you pay us absolutely nothing!

We know the drill.

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Our Track Record.

After having completed hundreds of transactions we are proud to be able to boast about our 100% success rate selling pharmacy businesses. To fully understand how remarkable our success rate actually is one only has to go to the Business Brokerage Press 2017 Annual Survey of Business Brokers to learn that the brokers questioned reported on average selling only 35% of the businesses they list.

KKBA 100% sales

We have a 100% success rate.

Sell Your Independent Pharmacy with our Business Brokerage Services for Pharmacies

A proven track record of hundreds of transactions makes King & King your best ally when it comes to selling your independent pharmacy. Our process starts with a written confidential business review that summarizes your pharmacy’s most salient attributes, such as history, operations, competition and financial performance. We will then work with you very closely to develop a pricing strategy that gives you the best possible opportunity to maximize the equity you have built over the years. We will handle all of the preparation involved with the sale of your pharmacy including qualifying buyers and negotiating price, terms and structure of the deal.

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KKBA Medical Sales Group in the news.

If you are ready to chat about your California pharmacy then contact us or call us direct at (888-565-6468), the professionals at KKBA.