The Importance Of Trademarks….By Derek Bosworth, Professor

Excerpted from paper by Derek Bosworth titled: “The Importance O Trademarks To Capital Raising and Financial Performance”

Important information on whether or not to establish a trademark, valuing your trademark, tax and accounting issues associated with trademarks.

The following argument then became common in the literature on brands and intangible assets,

“The brand is arguably one of a company’s greatest assets – yet the majority of organisations are failing to take it seriously … As has been proven time and time again, damage to the name and image can have a dire impact on the bottom line.”

Now, today, more and more companies are now placing equal importance on managing their intangible assets as managing their tangible assets (Blackett, 1997, p. x).

“Brand management can no longer be viewed as the sole purpose or responsibility of the marketing department. It makes little sense to hand over responsibility for what are often the ‘corporate jewels’ to a junior brand manager. It is for this reason that chief executive officers are increasingly assuming the charge and challenge of being brand stewards…”. (Runkel and Brymer, 1997, p. 7)

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